37 days

Friday, April 3, 2009

thanks to midlifeclarity.blogspot.com for this.

I'm following the 37 days protocol and posting daily for that period of time. Given all the death around me, and how I've both entered in and avoided it, it feels like a useful and supportive discipline. I'm marking it into my We'Moon calendar when I sign off.

Here's the rationale:


Now, as for me: sick again, though the herbal concoction that I'm taking is blasting away at it. Going to see Watchmen this afternoon: very very excited. Happy to have a day off, to sleep, to rest (different things, those), to play.

I love the quiet. No computer games in the background, no music, just the drip of rain and the birds. Oh, does my soul need this. I know I "need" to do more spiritual work this weekend, but right now it's about the quiet, the movie, dinner out, and more quiet.

This isn't dull (she said defensively), it's nurturing for me.

Be well, my dears, and I'll post again tomorrow. What a concept.