Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here’s one method, and 2 variations, to use to help you lower your stress level. Make this part of your daily practice: in traffic, waiting on the phone, during the commercials. Then it’ll be one of the tools you can use during challenging times.

Sit straight up, feet flat on the floor, hands comfortably in your lap (but not folded). Breathe in through your nose, with your mouth closed, for a slow count of 4. Breathe out, through your mouth, to a count of five. Rest for a moment, there at the bottom of the breath, and begin again.

For pain relief, I’ve found it helpful to breathe in through the mouth, and out through the nose, using the pattern above.

When you need to sleep, and are having trouble, lie down and breathe in and out through your nose; again, using the pattern above.

By allowing yourself to rest in your breathing, you are giving yourself space to expand into the present moment, and taking your mind off of whatever the difficulties of the situation that in which you find yourself. The re-oxygenation of your blood through the breathing is helpful, too.