For those of you doing spiritual practice tonight...

Friday, October 31, 2008


Ground before. Ground after.

Use your favorite technique, or stand outside on the earth in bare feet -- for those of you in New York City......improvise.

This is a night for expansive spiritual work of many kinds. You yourself can expand your ability to open to guidance, or to new friends in the spirit world.

Grounding before will help keep you safe. Grounding after will create a vehicle for excess energies to leave your body and your aura.

Eat, too. Something...grounding. Like potatoes. Or meat.

May you be well, may you be at peace, may you fly beautifully and land safely this Halloween night.

with love, Duffi

ps. If you need help with techniques, search for grounding exercises on this blog.

Dreaming in Darkness

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello dear ones,

The veil between our reality and others is thinning by the minute. The moon is waning, and we are in the dark moon time. She turns on Wednesday night - 7ish pm EDT, for those who want to know - and we starting moving into the light again. And at Halloween, we can see deeply, in ways we usually can't. Further, more deeply, more clearly. The sight is there for you if you choose it.

Darkness, outside, is a beautiful thing. Get away from the city, into the desert, or at least a suburb, and look up. We live in outer space! On earth, we ride a small blue jewel in the vastness of deep, deep darkness. We glow. The darkness sets us off, like black velvet does the diamond.

Spend some time in the next few days meditating on or thinking about that which you'd like to release: a bad habit, a toxic relationship, a way of seeing that no longer serves you. Sweep out your inner self. Fast, if you like, or just drink lots of water and allow toxicity to leave you. On Tuesday night, join me as I light a black candle, and burn a small piece of paper with words on it that symbolize that which I want to release. (Make sure to have a fire-proof bowl with you to drop the paper into!) Then flush those ashes down the toilet, or give them to the wind. It's over, you're done, that thing will pass from your life. Feel how much lighter you the darkness, sacred soft darkness, the cave of possibility, the Void from which comes all things.

Prepare to dance on Halloween.

with love, Duffi

Readings, Redux

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm restructuring the way I do my readings.

I'm not requiring pictures for any of the readings. If you want a full picture of your physical state, a casual snapshot of your face is helpful, but not required.

I am also feeling like some aspects of your future may be available when we speak together. Nothing is ever written in stone energetically; you can frequently change the outcome of your situation by changing how you address it.

To book a reading, send an inquiry to We'll set up a mutually agreeable time. I tend to work fast, so most readings, at least initially, will be a half-hour.

If you have a pressing issue, I am at this point available with 24 hours notice.

May you be well.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Remember your Keats: "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness." Only here we've not had mists. The volunteer grape tomato plants in the messy neglected garden are ripe; we pick them off the vine and munch away. The overwhelmingly large buddleia has become a pit stop for the monarch outliers that come through our area; we've seen as many as three at a time stopping and sipping. We also have several volunteer buddleias, one of which must be dug up before the Phlox that Ate Kensington is overmatched. And I need to trim back the lavender before too long. We're definitely in fall.

October is one of my favorite months. The sweet transition to winter, with it's colors and smells, has always cheered me up. I didn't have fall where I grew up, just a rainy season in February. Boring. All this change! though I've been in this area since 1978, still comes as a surprise.

What fruits are you storing for your winter? What treasures are you laying aside so in the long cold months ahead you have something to look at that is beautiful? What is your body saying to you now? Do you want more exercise? More sleep? Should you be stretching, or moving, differently, to prepare you for winter? And what experiences do you want to have this fall? I'm going to try as many new apple varieties as I can lay my hands on. The MidAtlantic region has lots of different kinds, some specific to us.

Winter is coming. This is a beautiful transitional time. Make the most of it, however you can.