the power of nourishment

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another important lesson for me. Today I spoke to a woman, significantly older than I am, who was vibrant and so alive. Her teaching? The morning green drink. After work (don't ask, but thanks for the thought), I went to the organic market to pick up vegetables. Tonight, I cooked a Thai vegetable dish -- oh, mushrooms, bok choy!, lime juice, coconut milk, garlic!, the endless pleasure -- and devoured two servings. Now, I feel great. My circumstances haven't changed one jot. But my body is happy, since it was properly fed.

Proper feeding. What is that for you? What food makes you happy after you've eaten it? What really gives your body what it needs? For me, sometimes it's a big piece of dead animal -- I love a rare steak like nothing else. I'm also learning the vegetable teaching: lots of them make me happy, too.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

We are funny creatures, we humans. I eat mostly vegetarian all week while i'm away; fruit, vegetables, grains, some cheese or eggs or yoghourt for protein. Two reasons; the small fridge where I stay works very well but I have only a microwave for cooking, so it's easy to heat up frozen vegetarian entrees and I don't worry about storing them. Plus it's important for my internal workings to push as much fibre as possible, and I find these things tend to digest nicely. I can do this no problem because at home it's logistically more challenging; hubby isn't vegetarianly inclined. Home, I have steak or chicken or fish once a day.
Favourite foods? Fresh, local fruit, with indulgences in citrus and pineapple from away. Really good dark chocolate; a little goes a long way. Now I just have to get more exercise into the picture and I will start feeing much better. Easier as the weather turns more springlike, for sure.