what do you need to hear tonight?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you need to hear that it will get better? It will. Pain comes and goes; just ride the waves: don't focus on the pain. Think of yourself as a surfer: you're sitting on your board, and waves are moving up and down beneath you.

Do you need to hear about clarity? It will come again. You'll be doing what you do best, and you will be challenging yourself. The fog rolls in over the ocean; you think you're lost. But fog burns off (it always happens). And you'll look around yourself and you will see where you are.

Do you need to hear about solace? It will be here; it may already be right in front of you. Obscured by the fog and the rain, or by too much light off the water: you will see it, and reach for it.

Or it will touch you, gently, when you least expect it. Softly, easily. No pressure, but a sudden comfort.

Surrender to the ocean. Surrender to the movement of life through you. Surrender to each moment.