Blue Moon!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is a very powerful Moon! Ask for what you want, and prepare to receive! (Yes, too many exclamation points, I know.) Be as specific as you can. Get outside - here in the MidAtlantic of the US it's frakkin' COLD, but I'll be outside, even if for a tiny minute - and rejoice in what you have. Then ASK! and see it as already happened.

And be grateful.

aw crap

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more cancer.

Yes, it's a time of joy and presents. My area just got a veritable dumptruck of snow, and it looks really gorgeous outside. DD and I finished our tree last week, and it's beautiful! I've got a tiny part-time job, which will end this week (and yes, I like working, it makes me happy). My favorite rocker is home with his loved ones, enjoying (I trust) the holidays and the time away from the road.


My prayer list is full of newly-diagnosed cancers. (I belong to an online Buddhist community which maintains a prayer list.) The writer of one of the newsletters I read just got a diagnosis of leukemia. Suddenly, I'm surrounded -- again.

Those of you who know me personally know this story in all its particulars. The very brief version, for my new friends, is that between July of 1998 and March of 1999, my family lost: my mother, my mother-in-law, my stepmother, and my mother's brother, all to various forms of cancer -- initial diagnoses, metastases, and brand-new versions of something thought cured.

So we (DH and I) were stunned into stupor; and I became sensitized to cancer. Now I can see it, when it's about to manifest in the body, and sometimes as it metastasizes. It's a very small portion of my practice.

And whenever I am surrounded again, as I am now, I shrink in dread. Is it happening again?

Time for me to ground into the daily: do dishes, vacuum; and meditate. Back to the middle, to balance. Recognizing that life is a roller-coaster, and what I control is my reaction.

more! more!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello all,

As the year winds down and the new year winds up I'll be posting more frequently. There's a lot stirring in the cosmic soup!

In Moon traditions the New Year begins this next New Moon. This is the 13th lunation of 13, and the first lunation of 12. I find myself very excited to switch calendars and start with the first lunation. I feel like this is an exciting year coming up, with lots of AFGOs* and much joy, both expected and unexpected.

This is a great time to get a Year Reading, setting out patterns for the year and pointing to places in yourself where you want to work and want to play. I will be offering Year Readings for $55, if you book by December 31st at 12noon EDT (December 31st,this year,is the Full Moon (and how cool is that?)).

Spend some time these next few days thinking about the year past: what would you like to release? What would you like to keep? In the day before the New Moon, which is December 15th, starting gathering thoughts and feelings about what you want to manifest this coming year.

And, as always, do that which gives you joy: outdoor time, breathing, dancing, playing. Be especially with music at this time. Not just the Christmas music, but the music that calls forth your deepest self. The Deeper Self likes to play, too, and for me sometimes REALLY LOUD rock music brings me out.

Dance and play!

*AFGO: from an acupuncturist that I used to see: Another Fucking Growth Opportunity. An event, series of events, or a person; difficulties from which growth comes.

the rollercoast

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello all,

The David Cook concert was cancelled! Waah! OK, I'm over the disappointment. I believe that the Universe will give me the opportunity when it's time. Cook tweets a lot -- yes, I'm on twitter, as duffimac -- so it still feels to me like he's "around." So it's fine.

I'm working more, and the readings leave me feeling blissed out. There's nothing, for me, like doing what I'm supposed to do. Bringing through that information and passing it on -- that's part of why I'm here this go-round.

The bliss also gives me energy to do housework. How weird! But delightful.

And to top it all off, it's snowing! Totally beautiful outside.

Um, so yeah.... (redux)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The best thing recently was the HBO broadcast of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary shindig at Madison Square Garden. We almost went, but I decided not to push it (money issues). There were some great highlights, and those of you with access to HBO owe it to yourselves to see it. I thoroughly enjoyed Metallica's set, even though their guests really didn't gell well with them, not even Ozzy. I haven't seen Springsteen's set, so I can't say what's best yet; but Bono & U2 reminded me again why I love rock so: they believe. The words are theirs, the sentiment is theirs, and they are using the music to communicate. "Liberation," indeed.

Just watch it.

Speaking of rock, Wednesday I have the great pleasure of attending David Cook's tour-ending show. I am so looking forward to this. Frequent readers of this blog know that I'm a fan, and haven't been able to make any other tour dates. (The Birchmere show sold out in less than an hour. I found out about it 5 hours after it had been announced. You do the math.) There are four other acts performing, but for me, it's all about Cook and his band. Of course, I'll report back. And the show's on the full Moon!

Other than that, life continues to continue. I'm working, preparing for the holidays, thinking deep thoughts.

Be well......