Sunday, August 31, 2008

pray for New Orleans and the whole Gulf Coast. It's going to hit earlier than predicted, and very hard.

They need everything we can give them.

Hold them in your hearts

for those of you who are new to this blog

Friday, August 29, 2008

You might want to explore some of the earlier posts; the basic information about chakras; how confidential my work is (in a word, very); the grounding information. There's a lot here that you will find useful. Play around. I'm open to questions or comments. If you need privacy, send me an email at

May you be peaceful and well this Labor Day weekend.

Hand Chakras

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been working through old papers from my primary teacher, and found a fascinating piece on the chakras in the hand. As those of you who have been reading this blog know, there is a chakra in the palm of the hand. There is also a smaller one on the wrist, situated just below the fatty part of the palm, where the major veins appear. There are also smaller ones at the pads of the fingers and on the pad of the thumb. I haven't played with them yet, but I will and I will report back.

The density and complexity of our energetic system is a source of constant fascination and delight.

OT: Manhattan

Friday, August 22, 2008

All I had to do was put my bags down on the sidewalk and I was happy. Yesterday, the Met! (Turner, brand-new African art, Osiris, Thoth, 18th century panoramic painting of Versailles, a painting of Ariadne!, the roof garden). The visual stimulation of just walking down the street is magnificent. I love me some D.C., but this is a whole different level. Today the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, perhaps the Rubin. Certainly endless walking. Home Sunday.

Stress, Rest, and Illness

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stress is part of daily life in any culture. Today we are perhaps more stressed than ever, since we subject ourselves to endless information through television, radio, and our personal electronics; since we eat food that has come a great distance, which was grown with pesticides; since we breathe polluted air. If you travel with any regularity, your stress is even greater. The body needs time to process everything.

Build rest into your schedule. If your schedule does not permit regular, restorative rest, then take a hard look at your schedule. Perhaps you (like so many of us!) are trying to do too much in too short a space of time. Your nervous system needs time to integrate your experiences; your digestion needs to catch up with your meals; your immune system needs to clean out the unknown germs that come from other people. Even a young, healthy body needs rest; or it will get sick.

Illness is, first, a signal from the body that's something wrong. Much drug therapy is more about covering up symptoms than healing first causes. Supplementation, under proper guidance, can be part of rebuilding the body's defense systems and allow the body to return to balance. Illness, untreated, can evolve into something more chronic, which is harder to treat. Taking a look at the chakras closest to the illness can give you a hint about what the energetic root cause is. Sinus trouble? Look to your third eye; what do you not want to see? or what are you seeing too much of? Nausea? Depending on it's location, either third chakra, second chakra, or perhaps a mix; what can't you stomach? what can't you move out of yourself? A second chakra issue can be about deeper digestion or about sexual expression. Tailbone hurt? First chakra; is there a survival issue at play?

If you've read, or have been reading, this blog, you have some great tools at your disposal to help you read your illnesses for their root energetic causes; and some self-treatment options, too.

HeartPsychic will be posting...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

pretty erratically for the next three weeks. I do check my email ( every day, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. So if you need to get in touch with me, you can. I will answer all email within 24 hours.

For the very sensitive among us

Remember that you can only take so much. You may think that you can do a very long day of working and talking; and go to a concert or the theater that night. Maybe for a day or two; but you need rest, space, time to recuperate. To process all the images that are in your brain; to feel all the feelings that were put aside so that you could forge ahead. To think, quietly, to yourself about what happened. To listen to your inner voice. To find your true center.

Some of us live alone precisely because too much human interaction is wearing. We love our fellow humans! but they take up psychic space. And we need time away from them to appreciate them. Quiet; space; time alone. These are essentials, necessities for those of us who are the very sensitive.

Tutorial III: High Heart

Friday, August 8, 2008

The high heart is situated out in the energy field and is a soft pink. In most of us, the high heart is fairly small and a pretty compact energy. It is a connection point for Spirit as well as a manifestation of Spirit in the field.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Idol performance - Happy Together

Starting from the bottom --Cook’s feet are well grounded. Most of the performance comes out of the root chakra and the second, which are really activated. This is a very physical performer. His third is almost flat in front. There's a hooded quality to most of the performance. When he projects forward, it's through his heart and his third eye, but it's pointed rather than round. When I got up to the third eye, I saw it so clearly: he's sick! There was a definite sinus infection and a possible migraine in place. He has a hard time staying connected to Spirit when his hair is flat (at least at this stage in the game). He compensates for the erratic nature of the individual chakras and the flows between the chakras by walking backwards and forwards on the stage. So Cook may not be conscious of his chakra flows; but he compensates for those lacks.

Idol performance - Eleanor Rigby

Cook’s heart is open when he starts singing. There is a tiny flash of the high heart right at the beginning. He runs a grounding line down his right leg and out his foot, and send a line up to Spirit through his right shoulder. Whoa, never seen that before.

His third eye flashes open and shut; his throat is withholding a little bit. He swings in and out of a "familiar" way of singing (half-smile) to the edge of his capability. He pulls himself in a little and becomes contained in a lozenge of his own energy.
Then he flings his arms wide! and he takes over the entire stage energetically; it's as if wings on his back unfurled with a snap and stretched all the way out to the edge of the stage. He steps back, into his own unfurled energy; pulls back just a bit; then steps forward and brings all of that energy with him.It's all very full and rich. He isn't reaching out deliberately but the energy is very compelling. He is in command.


The more I do this work, the more aware I am of the boundaries around sharing the information that I see. Even walking down the street, each of us has an individual, implied privacy to our energies; our energies belong to us, not to the world. When I was first coming into my ability to see, I would see stuff in people all the time.

When I read a performer’s energies, I feel like I have been given permission to do so, since the performance is public and shared. Especially with David Cook, who found a way to energetically reach through the camera, this permission is implicit in the performance; he wanted to reach the audience

There is a huge difference between reading someone's performance energy (this is closed, that is open) and the more detailed work that I usually do. The insights come whether I ask or not; anything that seems private to me (such as disease processes, information about family members, old injuries) stays that way.

For those of you saying to yourselves: "Why is she posting this?!" My next post will be two performances by David Cook during American Idol.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

We don't always have time for a full grounding meditation. Here are some ways to bring ourselves back into our bodies that I have found helpful.

*Rock back on your heels. Best done barefoot, you can also do this in sneakers, flat-heeled boots (cowboy boots are fine), and any flat shoes. Stand up straight and rock back very gently until you can feel the very back of the bottom of your heel. Take a deep breath. You've connected to your feet.

*Take a deep breath, and imagine on the exhale that there's a line going from your root chakra all the way down the back of your legs. The line stops at the grounding point mentioned above.

*Notice your belly. Are you holding it in? If so, take a deep breath, and on the exhale, release your belly. Feel the bottom of it, sitting just above your pubic line.

*If you're sitting down, rock very gently back and forth on your bottom. On the inner edge, just outside the root chakra, are two protrusions from your pelvic bones. In yoga, these are called the sitz (or sit) bones. Bring your awareness to the point where these bones are contacting your chair or seat.

Practiced regularly, these quick grounding exercises can increase your feeling of being in your body.