Friday, June 25, 2010

Take a deep breath, people. No, deeper than that. Aaaaaand - release.

We're in for a very bumpy ride.

The catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico is only the beginning. The dominoes are beginning to fall.

Those of you who follow this blog know I strive to be positive. Not dorky-smilyface-it'sFine! positive, but a grateful approach to the daily world.

My attitude doesn't cut into this. Think butterknife on a squash. No dent at all.

This is not about the personal, either. This is global.

So in light of this (and mutterings of doom are everywhere these days, aren't they?), what can you do for yourself?

If you have a creative practice, spend as much time as possible doing it. Music, art, theatre, dancing. It's your throughline in difficult times.

Eat as well as you can. Exercise. Meditate. Do your best to take good care of your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual selves.

Look for small opportunities to do good. Open the door. Smile and say hi to the checker. Pick something off the floor for someone who dropped it. All those small acts which feel like too much, sometimes, but which add up.

If you can, look for larger opportunities, too. It's better for you if you can actually do something rather than write a check. But! Write that check, if that's your life right now.

Be where you are. Love the people you love. Hold hands. Send cards. Talk to Mom (or Dad, or annoying Auntie Whomever).

For those of you who pray, pray. Don't ask for anything: just be with Her/Him/Them/It.

Let's encourage each other through this.