Monday, August 31, 2009

Yup, there really is chaos out there. Be sure to read this:

where Dan Furst gives a preview of the coming month (and months), with precision and kindness,

and this: (thanks again to Dan Furst for the link)

I have sensed for some time a crunching, contracting feeling out in the world. I thought it was either my projection of some internal chaos, or my fear of the effects of climate change. I was reassured when I read the Spangler (link two) and I feel better knowing that there is an attitude I can take that will help the waters become calmer.

My job is to continue posting, pointing out what's helpful. Do readings as I'm called upon. And love: individuals, attitudes, places in the world. Be available to love with an open heart: my own Grail Field, available to those who ask for it.

Do what makes you feel better that is healthy for you. Water, good food, doing your work in the world -- whatever that is -- and loving those around you. Be connected to your body and the natural world.

Learn to surf the waves of internal shifting, and prepare yourself for continuing external change.

back from the Outer Banks

Monday, August 24, 2009

and completely re-enthralled with the beach: the ocean, the wind, the smell of salt water, the bird life, the heat of the sun.

I need to get back to Mama Ocean on a regular basis.

Just a very quick check-in to say hello. The energies feel a bit thick around the ankles, needing flow. Be very gentle with yourselves (if this is possible for you).

Be well, and there'll be more anon.

on the Outer Banks

Friday, August 21, 2009

and getting bugged by guidance to say: big destiny point in the next few days. A good time to get a reading, do your Tarot, consult your astrologer, or whatever else you do to give yourself a sense of the future. It's also an important time to keep your intentions clear and your ethics at their highest level. What you do now will set the tone for the next few weeks, and possibly into the next few months.

Open your heart to your spiritual Source. Allow your compassion for your fellow beings to grow. We share the planet, and this dimension of the multiverse. Let's be companionable.

And enjoy yourself! Let your joy be your guide as you navigate the glorious swirling chaos.

PS. Using a laptop not my own. Changing fonts, etc.. just not possible. Apologies.

sorta-kinda on hiatus

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things have been nuts (BFF is giving me grief for not calling her; like that) and I've neglected to stay in touch with the Universal Energies and all the glories thereof.

I'm going out of town in less than a week and need to start prepping for that. Thank Goddess, I'll be spending some time at the beach (Outer Banks of North Carolina); I have a picture in my head of me on the beach with my feet firmly planted in the water and the wind in my hair.

I need that so badly.

So I may or may not post before we leave. Do expect to hear from me the last week in August. Fall is going to be.....major. I'm certain.

In the meantime, be well, dear souls. And I do check regularly, if you want to talk.

quickly, from work.........

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm on the run but/and it feels really important to post this now.

Tonight's Moon energy is really rich, full, and very lively. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you should try to pull this energy down to you so you can fill yourself with it's richness.

Get grounded and centered, and open your crown chakra. Imagine a tube going up from your crown to the Moon. Ask permission to fill yourself with her energy; then imagine it coming down the tube, and filling your crown chakra with silvery Moonlight. Allow this energy to spill over and fill your whole being. (Take your time! This can feel delicious.) Allow the energy to fountain out through your hands and feet. When you feel complete, thank the Moon, and allow the tube to dissipate, and close your crown chakra.

This is the quick explanation. I'll post a more complete explanation later. In the meantime, know that you can't get this wrong. And this energy will serve you and your larger purposes.


just a quick note

before I try to get some sleep (getting up way too early tomorrow morning, thank you).

There's some chaos energy mixing in with the uplifting energy of this Moon. Step lightly, hydrate, and above all, get some rest. You can't pick your way through this chaos unless your body is rested. Things that you thought were solid might blow up in your face. Please take extra care of yourselves over the next few days.

And go out tomorrow night and notice the Moon, if only for a few moments. In the city or the country, she will be especially beautiful tomorrow.

Be well, my dears.

the Full Moon

Sunday, August 2, 2009 coming, and already I can feel the drums. There's a lunar eclipse on this one, following the massive solar eclipse of just a few weeks ago. Pay special attention to your relationships right now. Those that aren't based on mutual love and respect may shatter. It's in your long-term best interest that they do. There's no more time for superficialities; the people that we choose to be with have to be connected to us at our deepest level, share our inner values, to survive the rough ride that's coming. Dan Furst says to our relationships:

"What larger context do you serve? Do you think you will get to hold and heal only one heart for long when others around you are building community, and are finding their rhythm with the pulse of Mother Earth herself?"*

As we enter this space, ask yourself: what is my larger vision? Does my work (my art, my activity) serve the larger world? Do I create joy, or hold the space in my heart for joy to come? Do I help create community? What is my deepest, my best hope?

Allow yourself some quiet time, and let the answers bubble up. If the answers don't satisfy you, you'll know what to do. This is the time to walk away from what's not satisfying to your inner core. Or to recommit to whatever you're doing, using your breath and your passion to do the best job you know how.

Let the beautiful dark, and the deep Light, cleanse and inspire you.

*Copyright Dan Furst;