After a very social evening...........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passover was great, thanks for asking. Lots of laughing, people doing shtick, drinking deep of the red wine. I don't think I'm particularly social, and I love a good meal with fun, intelligent people.

Sometimes I get antisocial. I just want to hunker down and be left alone, dammit. Some of it is healthy: the desire of this organism to be out of the social group, re-discovering who I am in relation to the notobject and to myself. Other times, it's an attempt to not feel or think about things.

If you're feeling antisocial, try to figure out why. Look out the window, take a few deep breaths, and let the feelings come up. If they feel too uncomfortable, please know: it really is better for you to feel those feelings, let them flow through you, than to push them down. It's a lesson I'd love for you to learn by trying it out now, than to go through the suffering of discovering this through hard experience.

I have a dear friend whose primary mode is the mind. ("Feelings, Spock?") But lightning sheets of feeling go through him, too, and I believe that he feels them and lets them go. No matter what your primary mode is -- feeling, thinking, sensing, perceiving (go re-read your Jung) -- you can feel your way out of an anti-social period.

And sometimes, of course, an antisocial period is the psyche's way of protecting you against the depridations of the world. That's another subject..........