So, um.......

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes, it's been a looong frakkin' time. Lots of family drama, which has calmed down; we're now an English half-hour with amusing anecdotes, rather than MacBeth.
Did I tell you the dominoes were starting to fall? Was I right? How do you like the weather, eh?
No, not your usual post tonight.
So, I can promise you weekly posts, Tonight. I haven't yet figured out yet what the best night is for me to post, but that will be the night.
In the meantime, start washing your hands every time you come in from your errands. Take your vitamins (especially C). Hydrate. You know the drill.
Prices will change this week; I'm initiating a real blogroll; and a post tomorrow, about Archangel Michael. Not that Wednesdays will be Post Day.
with love,
PS. I am still really tired from the Drama.