Sunday night check-in

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gotta be quick tonight; blasted Verizon Fios doesn't like the heat, either.

All my outdoor plans got upended, since I neglected to check the weather. I don't thrive outside in very warm temperatures. Where I grew up, even when it got very warm, the breezes still blew. So I was rarely subjected to heavy heat. Now someone tell me why I've been in the Washington DC area for 30 years, which has horrible summers?...... Yeah, me neither.

There's a settling-out that's taking place within me. Moving away from teachers and practices which don't suit me, and starting to settle in to what does. Gratitude to the Field for all the many options, here at the beginning of the next millennium. Starting, too, to settle on what I will be using in my next phase of healing and psychic work. If I were more specific, I'd be lying, since I haven't made any final decisions yet.

Nor did I finish my cards this week. Next week for sure. Have to be ready by Friday.

Gratitude for friendship, too; for the 37 days, not finished yet; for the rich dreams to be dreamed tonight.

It's a good Moon for me. How about for you?

Be well, my dears; remember you are loved.


Jody said...


I know it can be hard to contemplate coming this Friday...but there honestly WILL be many people who don't know each other, plus I'm truly
great at making even shy people comfortable. Anyway, great if you can come, and perfectly understandable if not.

Love, Jody