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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes, well, I've been down for the count. The count having finished, I'm back up. I've restarted my thinking on two topics: tattoos, and the "minor" chakras in the fingers. I'll be posting soon about both.

Remember, too, that the season has changed, both astrologically and visibly. Look around you and see where you are. Remember your grounding, and put your roots down (even those of you who travel a lot can do this; as humans, our roots come with us) where you are. Feel the earth as it turns and whirls in its dance through space.

So what kind of psychic are you anyway?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well, I’m concerned with health, and with the management of individual energy.

I teach people how to manage what they have, and how to plug into the Great Source for more, for an endless supply. If you know what your issues are, and your blockages, and what stops you; then, you know which chakras are not working so well, and which are closed off; then you can open up, and loosen up, and deal with your issues, and experience a much deeper, fuller, fizzier sense of yourself.

Each of us comes in with stuff that we carry from previous lives, energetic patterns that we deal with throughout this life. Add to that what our parents were, and what they taught us; our schooling; our early adult choices. So you have a rich stew, bubbling with mistakes, dysfunction, and also joy, connection, and deep experiences.

What I can do for you is to help you figure these patterns out from an energetic perspective. Then I can give you the tools so you can reconfigure what doesn’t work for you, either by shifting the pattern, or by calling in larger, higher, deeper energies to erase or redraw the pattern, so that your life can work better. Maybe you’re going through a period where you just can’t get enough sleep. After the patented Duffi Lecture about how important sleep is, and how you need to at least try to get enough, and how you must make up this deficit as soon as you can!, I can help you plug into sources of energy outside yourself so that getting through this period of not enough sleep doesn’t do quite as much damage.

This work is great stuff. Not always simple, but always effective, and sometimes in surprising ways.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

is always, always a teacher.

I don't hold with those who say we create our own reality. By that same token, I don't hold with the idea that we call the illnesses to us that we need to teach us whatever spiritual lesson we need to learn. Let's not blame the victim, shall we?

However, I know that in my own life, when I'm sick, there's something for me to learn in the illness. Even with the serious illnesses that I've had, there's a lesson or two or twelve embedded within the illness, whether it's the illness itself, or how I'm dealing with it, or what lead up to it, or how I'm treating it.

Currently, I have a bronchial infection. (No, you won't be reading yucky details!) Now, I smoked in my partially-misspent youth. For ten years. A serious habit, a pack to a pack-and-a-half a day. Next year, it'll be 30 years since I had my last cigarette. I'm clear that one of the reasons that my colds, if not caught early, go to my chest is residual damage to my lungs. Is the damage dreadful? Nah. But I do have to be more vigilant than those who never smoked, or who smoked less, or for less time, about colds, so that they don't go to my lungs.

From another angle, the lungs start at the top of the third chakra, and come up into the right and left sides of the heart. So a bronchial infection is partially about personal power and all the issues related to the heart. For me, the infection always ends up embedded in the deeper parts of the lung. So it's more about how I'm managing my personal power.

See how rich this stuff is?


Friday, September 5, 2008

The East Coast of the US and Canada, not to mention the Caribbean, are currently being thwacked with a series of hurricanes. No end in sight (unless Josephina poops out). So I'd ask all my readers and those who visit to pray for/send positive energy to/think strong positive thoughts, for our whole slice of Earth.

Following hurricanes is a small passion of mine. (I'm a weather geek.) One of my best memories of this year is following the massive Western storm with my sister, who lives on the West Coast of the US. She was on her computer, I was on mine, and we were talking via cellphone. The storm was huge, as large as those in The Day After Tomorrow (the weather geek's movie).

Let's not forget that when these storms pass Boston, they can swing up into Nova Scotia and other parts of Northeastern Canada and do damage. So our positive practice has to continue until the storm reaches the open ocean.