Death: an approach........

Saturday, April 4, 2009 running, screaming, in the other direction?

No, seriously.

I have the sense that it's harder for those of us left behind than those of us in the process itself. I've been around a number of deaths, and like other things that I knew nothing about, the process was much less scary than I thought it was. It's a natural process, like a plant growing, or the kitchen scraps decomposing into the compost. Part of the Great Cycle (as the Buddhists call it).

It's my perception that we individual souls continue, that we are reborn again and again. I'm still fumbling through the details, but it feels really clear that I've known some people "before," and some of those people and I have been following each other around for many many lifetimes.

In modern American culture, we still try to segregate death into hospitals and nursing homes (though this is changing, thank goodness). We isolate what we're afraid of.

Disjointed thoughts, since the bronchitis has staked its claim on my lungs and I'm now starting the work of uprooting it before it becomes a long-term guest. Muddled metaphors tonight.

Be well, my dears, and tomorrow is Day 3.