Practicing what I preach

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm eating too much. And not celery, either.

I'm bumping up against some personal disappointment. No big deal in the larger scheme (I still have some perspective) but I'm upset and I don't want to feel these feelings.

How do I cope? See above.

Now's a good time for me to do what I tell others to do. Avoidance is so easy! at least, on the surface. If I keep doing this, however, the hole that I'm digging for myself will be much deeper when I finally get my face out of the food and look around me.

Time for deep breathing, hot showers, exercise, and some of the aforementioned celery. Lots of water and, perhaps, finally, some tears.


Jody said...

I had a disappointment last week, as well, and I tried REALLY REALLY hard (ie. didn't want to do it at all!) to embrace what had happened. See the message. Nothing new here, worked. I saw, and immediately, LIGHT.

Duffi McDermott said...

Thanks! I'll try embracing it, and report back.