um, so, yeah.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

again with the two weeks of not posting.

Ramp up to trip to Cambridge to see BFF/long weekend in Cambridge (walking, talking, eating, napping: repeat until she puts me on the plane, & I don't wanna come home!); cool down from trip to Cambridge. Home to all the usual.

Not that the usual is bad or nuthin'. I'm blessed, really: roof over my head (and no leaks, no water issues!), food on the table, bills paid, beloved husband-and-daughter.

Spiralling down to the end of this Moon. Looking forward to the New Moon.

I really have nothing to say except to wave and say "Hi! Yes, I'm back! and I'll have thoughts and feelings and perceptions to share. Just as soon as those feet decide to come back under me, I swear, I will."