Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome to HeartPsychic!
Here's a place to explore your energies from a psychic perspective. All this week, I'll be telling you things about my ideas, myself, and my practice. Starting next week, I'll post a daily energy analysis of a performer; or an idea for you to play with; and as questions come in, I'll post them and discuss them. I work with the chakra system; the human energy field (also called the "aura"); and the energies of the earth, all beings on it, and Spirit.



*We are all connected.

*We all have access to the Universal Energy (called Spirit, Goddess, God, Allah, etc.) The way we have access is less important than the access itself.

*We all have the ability to sense the energy that is around us and around others (people, animals, plants, rocks, created objects). How we sense is dependent on our primary means of sensing: some hear, some see, some feel.

*We are each free beings. We each make our own choices.

a brief bio

I’ve done graduate work in medieval studies at Catholic University; I have a certificate in Massage Therapy from Potomac Massage Training Institute. I hold Reiki II, and completed a 3 ½ year apprenticeship training with Rev. Sue Greer. I am an ordained minister of the Church of Gaiabriel; I am legally able in the State of Maryland to perform weddings, funerals, and other life-passage ceremonies. I’m a middle-aged married woman with a teenage daughter. I’ve lived in Hawaii, Italy, Boston, and Washington DC; I’ve traveled extensively (mostly above the Equator).


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