Monday, July 21, 2008

Tonight, I'll post what I had promised earlier. Now, I feel strongly that it's time to address a neglected skill: grounding.

For anyone doing trance work, meditation, performance, or public speaking (please, add your own favorite activity of this kind here!), the ability to be present in your body is very important. There are energy pathways in the body that provide for an energy connection with the ground, i.e. the Earth. For some, this is a literal, felt connection; for others, it's a connection that takes place through visualization or in the mind.

One can ground through the feet, or out the spine. It's important to know how to do both, since a leg injury may make grounding through the feet problematic for those whose connection is a felt one. There are chakras in the feet, (cf above) as well as one at the base of the spine.

To ground, stand or sit in a comfortable position. Grounding through the spine requires that you bring your attention to the base of your spine: at the entrance to the vagina in women, just above the testicles in men. Allow your attention to remain here for a moment (or longer). Then reach out through this chakra, the root chakra, and imagine a line of light going down from your spine to the Earth; yes, like a tail. Pat the Earth lightly with this energy and ask permission to enter. Then allow the line to go slowly down through the floor, the dirt, the water, the rock, until you're touching the molten core of the planet. The energy then usually rushes right back up this line to your root chakra. This is grounding. Allow this energy to fill you right up. When you're done with your activity, release this line and thank the Earth.

Grounding through the feet, natural for some, goes through the same procedure. What's important here is to allow the energy that pools in the feet to go up the legs to the root chakra and fill the field. As above, when you're done, release the lines and thank the Earth.

Now the taste of Earth is different in each locality so each time you do any of the above activities in a new place, you must ground in that new place.