VH1 Rock Honors Last Night

Friday, July 18, 2008

It was fun watching the performances last night, honoring The Who (whose album Who's Next is one of my all-time favorite albums). There were several surprises from an energy perspective. Incubus was really startling; although I'd known of them, I'd never heard them play live. They really served the music, and were interested in being faithful to the song rather than promoting themselves. I was impressed with how each person playing really knit themselves into the movement of the music. The delight, of course, was Eddie Vedder. I was expecting to enjoy his performance, but here's the thing about Vedder: he disappeared, and only the song remained. Energetically most performers have visible chakra and field activity. Once he had sung a few notes, there was no visible evidence of Vedder's field! Only that of the song! My respect for Vedder, already high, has reached a new level.

Edited to add new information.


Lisa said...

Hmm, how do you interpret that, Duffi? That he removes his ego self from the performance? Wouldn't one want their ego in there in some fashion?

Can you elaborate a bit on it?

Duffi McDermott said...

I don't really interpret it; I say what I see. Thanks to you and others, I'm going to edit this post to give more information. Thanks for your interest!

Rayne said...

Mr. Ed Vedder is one of the most selfless people I have ever known. This does not surprise me at all.