Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We live in very busy, even hectic times. A lot of us spend our time running from activity to activity. It's important for us to manage our energies well, so that we can fulfill our responsibilities. (We should also all back off a little from taking on too much, but that's a topic for another time.)

Previously, I've suggested two ways to get in touch with Earth energy, by grounding and by specifically connecting to wherever you are on the Earth. Now it's time to take a look at aiding your chakras in their daily activity.

A first step is to become aware of your chakras on and off through your day. Standing in line? Touch into your chakras. Sitting on a bus or a plane? Close your eyes, and touch into your chakras. A simple awareness of where each is and what state each one is currently in can be helpful.

You might also want to meditate on each. Take a few minutes, and bring your awareness to your root chakra. How does it feel to you? How does it look? (What you see and feel is real.) If it seems to need attention, bring light to it by imagining it surrounded by light and feel the richness of its attendant color. It's my bias that you should start with the root chakra and move up.

Sometimes you'll find that one in particular feels off to you. It's our American idea that the direct way is always the best. I've found that this isn't necessarily true. Bringing light to first the lower, then the higher chakra, can surround the one that feels off in light, and allows it to feel safe. Then bring light to it, as above.

Experiment, and you'll find what feels best to you. Remember, what you see and feel is real.