with an almost-audible pop....

Monday, July 6, 2009

..my energy came unstuck from one of it's (my?) foci, and there's been much more available to me this evening.

I went to Borders. I was looking for a new Tarot deck. I found two: an animal oracle, and a Psychic Tarot (not really a Tarot). And three other books. Spirit has me on a course of study. Divination (three kinds), Deep Magic (?!) and Shamanism. My internet friend Dan Furst has published his book, and it's a wonderful work of scholarship and joy: Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth. And there it was! at Borders! Of course I bought that too.

Usually when I get home and start playing with my new toys, one or two reveal themselves to be.....not so great. Not this time..

So I am cheerful. I love being on a course of study. (Furst's bibliography runs to 11 pages. I'm ecstatic. All those references to chase down!). I've cleaned up some, done dishes, helped DD with some interpersonal stuff.

So what gives you joy? Is there something that excites you, just with the very thought of it?