more throat chakra reflections

Sunday, July 26, 2009

from 2008:

The fifth, or throat chakra, is a vivid royal blue. It is the center of our ability to communicate with ourselves, with each other, and with Spirit; as well as the physical throat.

This is a great, pithy beginning. But what about throat chakra management? (Of course I'll post more about managing the energy through, and the energies of, the other major 6 body chakras: but today I'm particularly concerned with the sixth.)

What sits in your throat chakra? Does your throat get sore a lot? Are you hoarse? If so, are there truths you can't speak -- about yourself, about your situation? Do you communicate with Spirit (in whatever manifestation is most comfortable for you)? Try journalling to get at these issues; and, if you can, have those conversations that will free you up.

Hydration is key. Drink lots of water and soothing hot teas with honey. Cold is not as helpful but it's soothing in the summer. My throat loves heavily-iced drinks right now.

Breathing into the throat, with your mouth closed, is a way to explore it's dimensions.

Wrapping your throat in deep blue will feed the chakra. Silk is deeply healing (and also a good psychic insulator). Anything that feels comfortable to you is healing, really.

Turquoise is the preferred stone for throat chakra healing. Wearing it around your neck connects your throat to the energies of the rest of your body.