So I've stabbed myself in the thumb.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

...twice, inadvertently, since last Thursday. Not only did it really hurt, but bloodflow was pronounced. I'd forgotten what a deep, vibrant red blood is.

It got me to wondering, what am I trying to tell myself? What's the thumb chakra about?

I went first to the Internet, which wasn't helpful. Not enough good information on finger chakras. I'll have to do more research.

It's the right thumb. The right side of the body is the giving-out side, the left the taking-in. So the left side is about my relationship to myself, and what I'm allowing in (inadvertently or not). The right is what I'm giving away.

Am I trying to give my blood away? Am I giving away too much? Or am I just really clumsy with my right hand at this point in time? (I'm right-handed.)

I need to dig into some of my library and see if I find something. So far, zip.


Jody said...

Perhaps you could think about the thumb as a symbol of the breast: sucking the thumb? (ie. not just in terms of its chakra)

Something about motherhood, either you as mother, or God/dess as Mother????

I think it definitely means SOMETHING!