The upcoming week and the Moon cycle

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm a fan of Holiday Mathis' horoscopes: I think she's got her finger on the pulse (much of the time). I direct you to this link:

and ask you to note the information about the Moon cycle. Specifically:

"What do you want the next four weeks to be about, and what do you want to know by the end of the cycle?"

This is a good strategy for any Moon cycle, but this one in particular. Leo brings an extravagant, dramatic, and deeply passionate energy to this time. The total eclipse of the sun, combined with the new Moon on the same day, wipes clean our inner slates and allows for a fresh beginning. Take advantage of this time. Think deeply over the next two days about what you want and how you want to manifest it. Then use the energy of Leo, combined with the moon, and do it!