the soul knows..........

Thursday, July 30, 2009

..who it knew Before. Those flashes of connection to someone you've never met before? A possible former friend/colleague/lover/overlord/sister/mother......

..what it really needs. Serenity is possible, even in chaos. Put in those earplugs on the bus, and follow your breath. Let your lungs fill with air. Right there at the bottom, in that tiny pause before you take another breathe, there's a touch of serenity.

...what feeds it. Look around you. Plants push through the cracks in the strangest places. The cloudscape opens your heart wide open.

...what adventures it has to have this time around. Who it needs to meet again, and who it will just wave to in passing. What tumult will cause it to grow. What itchy place will help it create this lifetime's pearl.

Listen. It's there, waiting to talk to you.