so I said live.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

and here I am.

The stone in my stomach is gone. A combination, I think, resonances from the past-life work; some intestinal difficulties; and a knotted-up diaphragm. I still feel a slight echo, like a stitch after running, on my left side.

I visited my friend in the hospital. He's sleeping a lot, thank goodness, and seems to be stabilizing.

This next full moon, Tuesday's, occurs during an eclipse. So the bright and dark energies are balanced, and it's a time to look at the balance of these in your own life.

I'm dreaming of interiors: new rooms, some large, some tiny. Following a figure who remains always just beyond the next door. Sometimes I see his footprint in the dust, or his back.

Yes, this is random. But better this than silence, eh?