Monday, August 31, 2009

Yup, there really is chaos out there. Be sure to read this:

where Dan Furst gives a preview of the coming month (and months), with precision and kindness,

and this: (thanks again to Dan Furst for the link)

I have sensed for some time a crunching, contracting feeling out in the world. I thought it was either my projection of some internal chaos, or my fear of the effects of climate change. I was reassured when I read the Spangler (link two) and I feel better knowing that there is an attitude I can take that will help the waters become calmer.

My job is to continue posting, pointing out what's helpful. Do readings as I'm called upon. And love: individuals, attitudes, places in the world. Be available to love with an open heart: my own Grail Field, available to those who ask for it.

Do what makes you feel better that is healthy for you. Water, good food, doing your work in the world -- whatever that is -- and loving those around you. Be connected to your body and the natural world.

Learn to surf the waves of internal shifting, and prepare yourself for continuing external change.