the Full Moon

Sunday, August 2, 2009 coming, and already I can feel the drums. There's a lunar eclipse on this one, following the massive solar eclipse of just a few weeks ago. Pay special attention to your relationships right now. Those that aren't based on mutual love and respect may shatter. It's in your long-term best interest that they do. There's no more time for superficialities; the people that we choose to be with have to be connected to us at our deepest level, share our inner values, to survive the rough ride that's coming. Dan Furst says to our relationships:

"What larger context do you serve? Do you think you will get to hold and heal only one heart for long when others around you are building community, and are finding their rhythm with the pulse of Mother Earth herself?"*

As we enter this space, ask yourself: what is my larger vision? Does my work (my art, my activity) serve the larger world? Do I create joy, or hold the space in my heart for joy to come? Do I help create community? What is my deepest, my best hope?

Allow yourself some quiet time, and let the answers bubble up. If the answers don't satisfy you, you'll know what to do. This is the time to walk away from what's not satisfying to your inner core. Or to recommit to whatever you're doing, using your breath and your passion to do the best job you know how.

Let the beautiful dark, and the deep Light, cleanse and inspire you.

*Copyright Dan Furst;