Dreaming in Darkness

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello dear ones,

The veil between our reality and others is thinning by the minute. The moon is waning, and we are in the dark moon time. She turns on Wednesday night - 7ish pm EDT, for those who want to know - and we starting moving into the light again. And at Halloween, we can see deeply, in ways we usually can't. Further, more deeply, more clearly. The sight is there for you if you choose it.

Darkness, outside, is a beautiful thing. Get away from the city, into the desert, or at least a suburb, and look up. We live in outer space! On earth, we ride a small blue jewel in the vastness of deep, deep darkness. We glow. The darkness sets us off, like black velvet does the diamond.

Spend some time in the next few days meditating on or thinking about that which you'd like to release: a bad habit, a toxic relationship, a way of seeing that no longer serves you. Sweep out your inner self. Fast, if you like, or just drink lots of water and allow toxicity to leave you. On Tuesday night, join me as I light a black candle, and burn a small piece of paper with words on it that symbolize that which I want to release. (Make sure to have a fire-proof bowl with you to drop the paper into!) Then flush those ashes down the toilet, or give them to the wind. It's over, you're done, that thing will pass from your life. Feel how much lighter you are....in the darkness, sacred soft darkness, the cave of possibility, the Void from which comes all things.

Prepare to dance on Halloween.

with love, Duffi