Stress, Rest, and Illness

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stress is part of daily life in any culture. Today we are perhaps more stressed than ever, since we subject ourselves to endless information through television, radio, and our personal electronics; since we eat food that has come a great distance, which was grown with pesticides; since we breathe polluted air. If you travel with any regularity, your stress is even greater. The body needs time to process everything.

Build rest into your schedule. If your schedule does not permit regular, restorative rest, then take a hard look at your schedule. Perhaps you (like so many of us!) are trying to do too much in too short a space of time. Your nervous system needs time to integrate your experiences; your digestion needs to catch up with your meals; your immune system needs to clean out the unknown germs that come from other people. Even a young, healthy body needs rest; or it will get sick.

Illness is, first, a signal from the body that's something wrong. Much drug therapy is more about covering up symptoms than healing first causes. Supplementation, under proper guidance, can be part of rebuilding the body's defense systems and allow the body to return to balance. Illness, untreated, can evolve into something more chronic, which is harder to treat. Taking a look at the chakras closest to the illness can give you a hint about what the energetic root cause is. Sinus trouble? Look to your third eye; what do you not want to see? or what are you seeing too much of? Nausea? Depending on it's location, either third chakra, second chakra, or perhaps a mix; what can't you stomach? what can't you move out of yourself? A second chakra issue can be about deeper digestion or about sexual expression. Tailbone hurt? First chakra; is there a survival issue at play?

If you've read, or have been reading, this blog, you have some great tools at your disposal to help you read your illnesses for their root energetic causes; and some self-treatment options, too.