Monday, August 4, 2008

Idol performance - Happy Together

Starting from the bottom --Cook’s feet are well grounded. Most of the performance comes out of the root chakra and the second, which are really activated. This is a very physical performer. His third is almost flat in front. There's a hooded quality to most of the performance. When he projects forward, it's through his heart and his third eye, but it's pointed rather than round. When I got up to the third eye, I saw it so clearly: he's sick! There was a definite sinus infection and a possible migraine in place. He has a hard time staying connected to Spirit when his hair is flat (at least at this stage in the game). He compensates for the erratic nature of the individual chakras and the flows between the chakras by walking backwards and forwards on the stage. So Cook may not be conscious of his chakra flows; but he compensates for those lacks.

Idol performance - Eleanor Rigby

Cook’s heart is open when he starts singing. There is a tiny flash of the high heart right at the beginning. He runs a grounding line down his right leg and out his foot, and send a line up to Spirit through his right shoulder. Whoa, never seen that before.

His third eye flashes open and shut; his throat is withholding a little bit. He swings in and out of a "familiar" way of singing (half-smile) to the edge of his capability. He pulls himself in a little and becomes contained in a lozenge of his own energy.
Then he flings his arms wide! and he takes over the entire stage energetically; it's as if wings on his back unfurled with a snap and stretched all the way out to the edge of the stage. He steps back, into his own unfurled energy; pulls back just a bit; then steps forward and brings all of that energy with him.It's all very full and rich. He isn't reaching out deliberately but the energy is very compelling. He is in command.


Lisa said...

Now that's interesting - he has a hard time staying connected to Spirit when his hair is flat. Wonder what that's about?

Can you explain (or point to where you've most likely done so) what the high heart represents?

Interesting insights!