personal stuff

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coming into all this quiet has had many effects:

I am realizing exactly how hard my daughter is floundering in school. Her grades are nowhere reflective of her potential. So many upcoming meetings with school counselors and teachers.

I'm hearing more from the Universe, both people within who only contact me on the etheric, and some of the manifestations of the One.

Dh's work is very intense right now; since I'm quiet, I have space to notice. There will be many more months, perhaps years, of this, since some of the work he does is highly useful to people in Congress.

I'm also much, much more aware of the season, and what's happening within it. We're having a short, warm burst right now, after almost a week of rain. The silver maple is dropping leaves. Alas, one of our pines looks like it's dying, and I'm wondering when I should have it cut down. Since it's one of the house guardians, I need to be very thoughtful. The yew bushes, also house guardians, need serious last-time-before-spring pruning. I do want to move the jonquils before too long, and plant some more bulbs for Spring.

I'm working with a nutritionist on my diet. Lots of greens in my future.

My commitment to you, my readers, is a weekly post (more if I am so moved). So Wednesday is the day you can expect to hear from me.

Be well in the slowing season.