Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Having spiraled out (headaches, headaches, finally a migraine and then a recovery), I'm spiralling back in. I've heard a whisper, and felt a shifting in the etheric surround. I'm definitely starting to come back to myself: my deeper/higher Self, my central Self, my core.

Which means I can be of more service to you, my dears. I can hear better, so I can translate better. I can bring you News.

The rumblings are that this New Moon will blow the socks off most of the last few. We're emerging from the shadow of Mercury retrograde. As you continue to walk your own personal tightrope, mirrored so well in the culture around us, ask yourself: what is my dearest wish? What would I create with the deeper energies that are bubbling up? And how does my dream serve the larger cause of Balance (because it does)?

Breathe deeply, and lie in your bed as you go to sleep. Ask yourself these questions. Track your dreams, and you'll find an answer (or a multiplicity).

One of my dearest wishes is to teach others how to access the guidance that is available to all of us. Yes, I've got a gift, but/and all of us do. We can each use our dominant sense (or group of senses) to track what's being communicated. It's my intention to use some of my quiet time during this Winter to figure this out, and pass it on.

Be well, my dears!