a fond hello

Friday, September 18, 2009

...to all of you who follow this blog. Very tough times at work -- no surfing here! rather, trying hard to swim and not to drown -- have captured almost my complete attention.

This New Moon is supposed to initiate a very productive cycle. I'm not feeling it, but I trust my sources. Whaty I'm feeling dovetails most closely with what Karen is saying over at emergingearthangels.com: A profound and sudden separation from people that up until very recently I valued highly. A sense of being in another place. An opening of an abyss of knowledge below me: looking at new depths. Not depressive depths, but a deeper understanding both of my own character and some of the mechanics of relationships and of my daily life. So I'm not depressed (though I am exhausted!); I'm...I don't have a word. Or words. But I'm OK.

Be well, my dears, and I'll see you soon.

Edited to add: This separation is NOT from my internet friends. It's about people that I work with, and some family.


Tonal Eclipse said...

Please stay strong!! I have seen the progression of your last couple posts and you seem to be at a important moment in your journey. Know that we all love you and send you multitudes of love to keep you strong through your times of struggle. You have always been a blessing in my life. Thank you!

Duffi McDermott said...

Thank you! It's delightful to know that you're following my story. Be well, yourself, in this shifting moment of our history.