a bit from me; more from Guidance

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tomorrow is a big day. 9/9/09 -- not just the numbers, resonant in themselves, but the completion of one big cycle; which also (always) means, the the start of another one.

Guidance says: "This is BIG, people! Listen up! Be careful of your words, for they fly like butterflies or daggers from your mouths. Be clear about what you want, because verily it will come to you. Let your minds stretch, and your hearts stretch wider. Whatever is, is; and whatever you can let into your bigger heartminds will nestle in and be safe. Provide safety, both for yourselves and for others. Those that can hear, will hear; and those that can't, are more porous than they know; something of this will trickle in regardless, and nourish that seed sequested in the bottom of the heart."

And if your day is quiet? Rejoice, for you're in your proper space.

Be well, my dears.....