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Monday, June 1, 2009

A lovely evening with the fam: sauteed mixed yellow and red peppers with garlic and black olives over pasta, DD & DH doing math homework out on the patio, the 2/3 moon shining down; DD and I chatting in the semi-darkness, and seeing the first firefly of summer. June 1, 2009, ended really well.

Dan Furst, dear astrologer, has posted one of the best yet of his lyrical explorations of where we are and where we're going:

He's moved, inspired by the Inspiring Notobject, from Hawaii, to Egypt, and now to Peru. A lovely man, with important things to say, and a lovely way of saying them.

And I'm feeling....blissful. I really feel that we've made it through a pretty tough passage: Mercury in retrograde was a bear for me and mine (especially at work). Something ugly's broken, and the waters of time are washing away the remnants. Only time's moving really fast: it's like a mountain stream. All the ugliness, falling to dust, and washing away, away.