the nature of my work

Friday, May 15, 2009 changing. Again.

I'll be studying a deep shamanic practice of Becoming the Oracle starting in late May or early June. It's my desire to bring through deep information that can be helpful to those around me, those who contact me, and those who read this blog. I'm already capable of doing this; what I expect from this study is a deepening, and a solidifying of my connection to the shamanic realm.

The medical intuition piece has fallen by the wayside. Although I still have the gift for cancer, it's more immediate and less about the shadow of possibility. At this moment, I'm not able to see or feel inside the body with the specificity that I used to have. I can still sense things about a person's general health, and what their challenges are.

Reading the future is starting to come through. But, unlike other psychics, I don't predict; rather, I can point to trends or possibilities. I think we all have destiny points, things that are pre-determined in our lives; I'm most interested in how we get from one to the other.

And yes, Chanel, I will be posting soon about Lance and Eddie. I promise.