the energy now, and an apology

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Right now we're in the final stretches of Mercury retrograde, and this moon is winding down. New Moon is Sunday at 7:11am. Friday and Saturday may be really bumpy; restrain your tempers, if you can, and try to keep calm. Or pretend to be calm, and seethe alone. The darkness may seem overwhelming, especially on Saturday. You do know that the painful cliche about when it's always darkest has it's root in the truth: the light does return. Mercury goes direct on Sunday May 31st. The shadow period extending afterwards can be difficult, too.

Just a bundle of joy tonight, eh? I think it's better to be forewarned, so you can plan accordingly. Machines will still go spla when it's least convenient; plans will be screwed up; messages delayed or misplaced. It's just part of the cosmic flow. Ride these bumpy waves; deal with the nausea. Things will be better. They always, always are.

And I apologize for dropping out of sight. Sick Monday; sicker Tuesday (spent the day in bed, miserable). Still sick until just tonight. I'll be draggy for a few days, but I'll be fine.

Be well, my dears, and I'll be back tomorrow.