Darkness and Joy

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello, dear ones......

It's getting darker out there, isn't it? Not only are we stepping towards the darkest part of our astronomical year, but the news seems very grim. People losing jobs; their homes; continued deaths of our soldiers in Iraq. The tensions between Pakistan and India are really high. The crises in Africa keep getting worse. It seems that no continent is immune from disaster.

Do you think I'd leave you in such a grim place? Truly, at the deepest part of our souls, we are safe. Source, Spirit, Goddess, whatever your name for It is, there is where it rests. A small candle, sometimes, but the radiance is always, always there. Sometimes hard to find: a tiny star in deepest night.

So breathe deeply, dear ones, and feel at that deep place that there is light for you. Whatever your circumstance, wherever you are on your life's journey: the deepest of beauties is in your soul. Expansive beyond your imagination: light. Breathe it in, and feel it permeate your being. Breathe it out, and share it with the world.

Be well, be safe, as we step down this spiral staircase, and come to the deepest place of all.


Lisa said...

Duffi, that was positively lovely! Thank you for sharing it. How are you?? :)