So what kind of psychic are you anyway?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well, I’m concerned with health, and with the management of individual energy.

I teach people how to manage what they have, and how to plug into the Great Source for more, for an endless supply. If you know what your issues are, and your blockages, and what stops you; then, you know which chakras are not working so well, and which are closed off; then you can open up, and loosen up, and deal with your issues, and experience a much deeper, fuller, fizzier sense of yourself.

Each of us comes in with stuff that we carry from previous lives, energetic patterns that we deal with throughout this life. Add to that what our parents were, and what they taught us; our schooling; our early adult choices. So you have a rich stew, bubbling with mistakes, dysfunction, and also joy, connection, and deep experiences.

What I can do for you is to help you figure these patterns out from an energetic perspective. Then I can give you the tools so you can reconfigure what doesn’t work for you, either by shifting the pattern, or by calling in larger, higher, deeper energies to erase or redraw the pattern, so that your life can work better. Maybe you’re going through a period where you just can’t get enough sleep. After the patented Duffi Lecture about how important sleep is, and how you need to at least try to get enough, and how you must make up this deficit as soon as you can!, I can help you plug into sources of energy outside yourself so that getting through this period of not enough sleep doesn’t do quite as much damage.

This work is great stuff. Not always simple, but always effective, and sometimes in surprising ways.


jodi said...

Ah, yes, sleep that knits up the ravel'd sleeve of care...I get too little of it and have for years, or at least I don't get it when others do. And when I'm feeling the weight of the season and health crowding in on me, I just WANT to go to sleep and make it all disappear. Of course, it's all still waiting for me when I wake up...;-)