Friday, September 5, 2008

The East Coast of the US and Canada, not to mention the Caribbean, are currently being thwacked with a series of hurricanes. No end in sight (unless Josephina poops out). So I'd ask all my readers and those who visit to pray for/send positive energy to/think strong positive thoughts, for our whole slice of Earth.

Following hurricanes is a small passion of mine. (I'm a weather geek.) One of my best memories of this year is following the massive Western storm with my sister, who lives on the West Coast of the US. She was on her computer, I was on mine, and we were talking via cellphone. The storm was huge, as large as those in The Day After Tomorrow (the weather geek's movie).

Let's not forget that when these storms pass Boston, they can swing up into Nova Scotia and other parts of Northeastern Canada and do damage. So our positive practice has to continue until the storm reaches the open ocean.


jodi said...

Thank you for your wishes and good vibes, dear Duffi. So far here we have rain but no wind to speak of, but we're sturdy stock and whatever the weather dishes at us we can pretty well cope with. Except when we had Juan a few years ago--that was very rude for the parts of the province it hit. I, on the other hand, was rockin' and rollin' on board a ship out between NS and Nfld, having a blast of a good time. In another life I was a sailor--or probably a pirate! Argghhhhh!

Duffi McDermott said...

Certainly both, me lassie! aarrgghh!! indeed!