Magic Time

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello all,

This Full Moon is one of the most powerful of the year. From now until early Tuesday morning, it's Magic Time: you can manifest what is best for you with ease. Put yourself outdoors, or indoors next to a window. Observe the moon, and rejoice in her clear light. Bring into your heart the things (objects, ideas, situations) that would bring you the most joy. After you've breathed into the joy for a while (you know what works for you), release it upwards towards the moon. This, or something better, will manifest for you!

with love,


A private message: To the person who is communicating with me on the etheric: you are most welcome to continue. Try, also, communicating on the physical (email, letter, phone, in person); it will be easier on you and you will get more specific support.


Lisa said...

Hiya! It's not me in the etheric - I do email pretty well! But I hope that person does get in touch.

When are you unveiling the new site?